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Tap into your  beliefs.

Wellbeing at your finger tips

For past, present and future self

Use Emotional Freedom Technique to release stored stress from your body. Suitable for all ages.




Matrix re-imprinting is next level EFT; using the visual subconscious memory to release limited held beliefs and trapped emotional pain. 

Firstly we work together to relax your nervous system using the EFT tapping technique.

It is like watching yourself  and others in a movie.  You are  able to rewrite the negative beliefs and release the difficult emotions still held in your  subconscious and cellular body. You are in control all the way. 

Good for helping with: 


Negative self beliefs
Negative  relationship issues  Phobia's
Multiple aspects of trauma
Nervous tension
Enjoying Sunset

Wellbeing at your finger tips
For past, present and future self

Our bodies are made up of energy. By stimulating certain points on the head, face, upper body and hands you have the power to relax the energy in you. 

Once your 'nervous system is relaxed through gentle tapping movements you are then able to teach your mind and emotions positive messages to release limited or negative  thought patterns and emotions. 


Use the tool for regular practice to help restore calm, focus and self belief.  


This tapping tool is also known as 'Emotional Freedom technique' and combined elements from both ancient acupunture (without the needles) and modern day neuroscience. 


It can be used by children and adults. 




I understand the weight and frustration of feeling overwhelmed by life's demands and the emotional strain on us but not knowing where to turn to first. That’s why my mission is simple: give my clients the wellness education, tools and resources with EFT/Matrix technique to feel happy, healthy, and capable of managing life’s pressures.


Click on the Book  button above for a free consultation to see how EFT works. 

I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. When you work with me, you should expect a collaboration with transparency and consistency.


I have 30 years experience working therapeutically and creatively with children, adolescents , families. Particularly those who have experienced adversity in their lives. 


I offer a confidential service  to all. I have  a warm, creative and direct approach with my clients at the centre of their wellbeing journey. I continually develop my professional practice and receive clinical supervision to support my clients.


Work with me privately  on-line or  face to face in Hastings.  Alternatively book me to  support school groups, individual students and staff.

I am a qualified teacher, advanced EFT & Matrix practitioner and nature therapy guide. 


Want to learn more?

Contact me on: 
or email:


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tap with







My name is Katharine O'Brien, or Kat for short. In 2020,  I have been masking my ADHD symptoms for years.  The condition does have positives too! I am a creative practitioner for of ideas and joy for life.   I used to find it hard to sit still and found social situations very challenging. Along with low self esteem (hiding behind a manic confidance).  I could not hold onto a thought for more than a second. As a very wild teenager I did find myself through Buddhism which I practiced for 30 years.    As an adult my way of coping was to stay busy.  I threw myself into  running  holistic Forest School projects, various nature based/creative businesses   I still could not switch off or settle and never truly relaxed. 


2020  I was diagnosed with ADHD and realised through my life I  had been  battling  with the condition and had adapted to survive but at the same time I was emotionally and practically constantly on the run. Medication worked but the come-downs were horrific.  


Training as an EFT advanced practitioner has revolutionised  my ADHD symptoms and the way I think, feel and act. I am  more content, present and happier than  I have been in my life.  Negative memories that created limited beliefs that were buried  inside and steering my life are now  resolved.  My nervous system is finally at peace, no matter what life is throwing at me.


i live in  Hastings,  by the sea in East Sussex, UK,   with my husband,  therapy dog Honey and my bees. 





Katharine creates a safe and relaxing space that.s highly intuitive. The experience was akin to what I could imagine time travel would be like. It was a vivid journey into my past in which I was able to to connect with ‘little me’ from ‘adult me’ in the present. I was able to reassure her and guide her to better understand and be empowered by her circumstances.t gave me insight into behaviours I adopt as an adult that don’t serve me.It was revealing, magical and transformative.

What was unexpected was that the  sessions connected me to my heritage and left me wondering how perhaps even my DNA plays an enormous part in my life now and I could use this to inform some of my actions from the present.


In my first session I went to the source of some of my anxieties. Katharine is great at making you feel safe and not judged. If you are cynical about therapy (like me) just try and see what happens.

(AGED 9)

Tapping has made me more confident and independent. I used to be very scared of things and now I am not. I am able to change difficult memories . It is fun too as I get to  work with my imagination which is really cool.

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